Should I Fence in My Yard for My Dog?

When you are getting ready to bring home your dog, you may be asking yourself: should I fence in my yard? In most cases, the short answer is most certainly yes. Many local laws require fenced-in yards for dogs. But really, it’s just a good idea to set these boundaries for your dog to keep him or her safe.

Physical fences or wireless fences?

You may have heard of wireless fences. But do they really work? The assumed benefit of wireless fences are that they are portable. You can set a radius wherever you go. While in theory this sounds like a good thing, their effectiveness varies.

Are wireless fences good for my dog psychologically?

The question you have to ask yourself is: do you really want to be shocking your dog? This is how these fences are supposed to work, like an invisible electric barrier. While it’s not enough to actually harm your dog, of course, it can dissuade them from going beyond a certain distance.

The shocks from wireless fences don’t always work.

Also, the shock from wireless fences doesn’t always work for every dog. Some dogs will go right through it, putting your dog in discomfort for no good reason. Others will build up a tolerance to it, which also makes them ineffective. Even for the ones it does work for, is this really good psychologically for your dog?

Physical fences help keep out predators.

Physical fences are much better for a few reasons. While wireless fences might keep your pets in, they will also allow predators and other creatures into your yard! This may be the number one reason for physical fences. While some wildlife won’t be deterred by fences, the predators that you want to keep out usually will be.

Physical fences set solid boundaries for your dog.

Besides helping to keep predators out, fences are a great and painless way to set boundaries. They say fences make good neighbors, and if your neighbors also have dogs, this is definitely true. It’s a harmless, but extremely effective way to know your dog isn’t going to wander off.

When it comes to physical fences vs wireless fences for your dog, physical fences easily appear to be the better option. While the invisible boundaries that wireless fences can provide may work in certain situations, they simply don’t work for every dog. Well-maintained and properly built physical fences will work for just about any dog.