What is the difference between a Labradoodle and a Cobberdog?

  • What is a Cobberdog?

    The Australian Cobberdog has a low to non-shedding, allergy friendly coat. They are known for the intense eye contact and intuition. They are not aggressive, highly intelligent and have a great sense of humor and love to amuse. They were recognized as a breed in development in 2012.

    Cobberdogs are versatile and bred to be well-suited for Therapy, Assistance Dog, Medical Alert and Overall Family Companion. An athletic and healthy breed which loves training and excels at agility and other dog sports but is just as happy to snuggle for hours when someone’s sick, feeling down or just relaxing.

    Cobber is Australia means best buddy or best friend.

  • How is the Cobberdog different than the Labradoodle?

    While they do share some ancestry with the original Labradoodle but have been developed with new genetic and DNA technology so that they are recognized in their own right. The focus on therapy dog temperament.

  • Is the Cobberdog the right breed for you?

    If you are looking for a dog that is loving and adores being with their people, is very intelligent, allergy and asthma friendly, low to no shed coat and your best friend, then this breed is for you! These dogs don’t enjoy being left outside alone or being left alone for long periods, they need their people and are happiest when they can be with their family all the time!

    They do require some grooming and have a nice wavy fleece coat that is relatively low maintenance.




A Brief Overview of the Breed

The Australian Labradoodle was founded by the Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding and Research Centers in Australia. Founded in the 1980’s the breed has become well known for its fun-loving nature, non-aggressive and sociable temperament, low to no shedding, allergy friendly coats and the reputation for being the ultimate companion dog. Unfortunately, because of its increasing popularity, some breeders started to change the genetic makeup of the Australian Labradoodle with their own ideas and infusions that were not intended to be part of the original makeup of the breed. Taking action, the breed founders have cultivated the true, original and authentic lineage and gene pool from the breed and developed, what we know today as, The Australian Cobberdog. Traits, temperament, coat, and health are consistent and the club members are all working towards the same common vision.  Stonewall Manor parents have always been health tested and produced only healthy puppies using only the original founder’s lineage. We work to preserve and protect the true nature, lineage and genetic makeup of this great breed.