About Stonewall Manor

Hello and Welcome to Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs. My name is Calli Prendergast and I breed service dog level Cobberdogs in my loving home in Northborough Massachusetts. At Stonewall Manor, I share my house and my life with several Cobberdogs.

My love for Cobberdogs can be seen in everything I do.

I am dedicated to ensuring sound breeding practices and excellence in the puppies we produce and hold the highest standards of excellence. Puppies are whelped in my home with the utmost care and I am devoted to preserving and enhancing this amazing and unique breed. I aim to produce the finest service, therapy, and family companion dogs.

People considering adopting one of my puppies must complete an application process.

I am a member of the American Cobberdog Club.

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Origin of The Cobberdog

Founded in the 1980’s the Australian Labradoodle has become well known for its fun-loving nature, non-aggressive and highly sociable temperament, low to no shedding, allergy-friendly coats, and the reputation for being the ultimate companion dog. Unfortunately, because of its increasing popularity, some breeders started to change the genetic makeup of the Australian Labradoodle with their ideas and infusions that were not intended to be part of the original makeup of the breed. Taking action, the breed founders have cultivated the true, original, and authentic lineage and gene pool from the breed and developed, what we know today as, The Cobberdog. Traits, temperament, coat, and health are consistent and the club members are all working towards the same common vision. I am a member of the American Cobberdog Club.

Some of the things that sets the Cobberdog apart are:

* Low to no shedding
* Allergy friendly
* No “wet dog” smell, even when wet
* Extraordinary intuition and wisdom (even in young puppies)
* Close connection with human minds
* An intense and natural determination and desire to make human eye contact (starts at about 3 weeks of age)
* Fun, goofy sense of humor
* Unbelievable brilliance, cleverness, and comprehension
* Eager to please and easy to train
* Devoted and loyal, empathizes and responds to human emotions.