Guardian Program

Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs specializes in placing pets into an environment where they will thrive on love, whether they are used for breeding or companionship in the home.

The Cobberdog is a very gentle, loving, and social animal that enjoys spending time with family members and engaging in daily activities both inside and outside of the home. They thrive in a socially rich environment and we’re able to raise them in a home environment without the use of kennels. They are trained to work and understand the family dynamic and this helps to build a bond with family members as these social dogs are also very intuitive to their family’s emotions and needs.

Our Cobberdogs are raised from puppies in the home and are accustomed to living with families before they are placed into the homes of a loving Guardian family. Even the breeding dogs that we use come from a familial environment to help the pups get acclimated to sights and sounds in the home.

Our Cobberdog Selection Program

The Guardian family will receive the finest in Cobberdogs! In our selection of breeding dogs, we study the qualities and temperament first to help identify the strongest characteristics that incorporate the Cobberdog personality. We look for friendly dogs with a good demeanor and disposition that are socially active. We also look for dogs that meet our particular breeding standards.

Another benefit the Guardian family has to look forward to is that the Guardian dog or puppy has been tested and examined at our expense. There is no extra charge or hidden surcharge for the Guardian family to incur. Stonewall Manor strives to ensure we offer the healthiest Cobberdogs to our Guardian families. The Guardian family participates in the breeding program and they can enjoy the elation of knowing that all their guardian dog’s puppies will be placed with a loving family. This brings a great sense of joy to Guardian families in knowing that new families all over the country will share in the happiness of having an amazing dog in their homes!

Home Requirements for Guardian Dogs and Puppies

In considering homes for one of our Guardian dogs to be used as a breeding dog, we look for homeowners that are within a 50-minute radius of Stonewall Manor and our reproductive vets in Framingham, MA. Ideally, the home to have a fenced area to offer a secure and safe environment for a Guardian dog or puppy. We look for homeowners that will have time in their schedule to spend with the Guardian dog or puppy so they will not be left alone or unattended for lengthy amounts of time. The Guardian dogs and puppies must be kept indoors and not left unattended outdoors. At different times of the year, we may require that the Guardian dog or puppy be brought to Stonewall Manor or to the veterinarian for wellness checks, breeding testing, etc. so the Guardian family must have reliable transportation and be able to bring the Guardian dog or puppy when scheduled.

Responsibilities of the Guardian Family

The Guardian family is responsible for all of the following pet-related care:
•Vaccinating and overall health of the dog/puppy
•Feeding high-quality pet food as designated by breeder
•Using an approved veterinary service
•Grooming should be done every 6-8 weeks by a trained groomer to our standards
•Accepting and protecting an intact Guardian dog or puppy into the home.

Outlining the Guardian Family’s Care for a Female Guardian Dog

When a female breeder is in season, the Guardian families are required to alert us when the Guardian dog is beginning her heat cycle which typically lasts for 21 days. In this period of time, the guardian family will schedule the appropriate breeding-related appointment times. When she is bred, she will stay with the Guardian family until about a week before her scheduled due date. The Guardian dog will then stay with us through the remainder of her pregnancy and returned to the Guardian family when the pups have been completely weaned (usually 5-6 weeks).

The Care Plan for a Guardian Puppy

When Guardian puppies are 8-weeks-old, they are ready for a Guardian family. In the first year of her life, Stonewall Manor will complete all health-related testing. We can then determine if the puppy can be placed into the breeding program. In the event that she is not eligible for the program, she will be spayed and can remain with the Guardian family as a forever pet.

When you receive a Guardian puppy into your home, we ask for photos to be taken monthly, as well as regular updates during the first year so we can get updates on her development and you can share these on our site. A visit to Stonewall Manor is required every few months for testing and assessment to ensure a relationship and bond is established with her. We would also encourage a visit so the puppy can learn the home where she will be spending time where she will be having her future puppies as we want her to feel right at home!

If you would like to take part in the Guardian program, please fill out the application and upon receipt, we will review it to determine if it meets the aforementioned criteria for placement of one of our Guardian dogs or puppies. We will then contact you about the next steps in placement of these amazing animals into your home! We do ask that if you’re not able to meet the requirements as outlined above that you do not apply as we work to ensure these amazing animals are monitored, raised together and in close proximity to their family and the Guardian family that cares for them.

We are grateful and thankful for the work of our Guardian families and we hope to place one of our beautiful Cobberdogs in a loving family like yours!