In most homes, you will hardly lack a pet including cats, dogs, and parrots, among others. They have become part of the lives of most individuals who have established a deep connection with them. Pets are a joy, comfort, and wonderful companion whenever they are around for all who value them, which is why they are common in most homes. Australian Cobberdogs are one of the best dogs and here are reasons why they make great companions at home.

Their non-shedding coat

One of the reasons why most individuals do not own pets is because they are allergic to the coat that most of the pets shed. For that reason, those who suffer such allergies desist from owning pets, but this is not the case with Australian Cobberdogs. They have a non-shedding coat on them, which means that anyone can own these breed without the fear of suffering coat shedding allergies.

High level of intuition

This breed of dogs is more than just friendly. It is capable of connecting to the feelings of its owner by looking into their eyes. Australian Cobberdogs always want to be around you when you are sick to act as therapy for quick recovery, cheer you up when your spirit is crushed and comfort you in times of grief. This is a people breed that cannot stay away from humans, making it a wonderful family companion.

Excellent retrieving skills

Just like other dog breeds that are playful, Australian Cobberdogs can keep our children engaged through fetching games and for the disabled, they can help to guide them or retrieve objects that they need. This characteristic causes them to be mouthy, and it should not be mistaken for a bite because your wrist in their mouth is often handled gently.

It is important to train this breed of dogs as soon as you acquire it because if you do not dedicate time for this, the Australian Cobberdogs will soon outsmart you.

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